Chaoji Gedou 2001 Alpha is a level or graphics hack of Soul Falchion by Li Cheng. The only thing not changed slightly is the brand new music for the stages in Soul Falchion that doesn't retain the same music as this game. The actual game is roughly based on the arcade versions of The King of Fighters 2000 and 2001, but with several resources from Queen of Fighting 2000 including the HUD and Kelly's and Kaoly's stages in the ROM. One thing that is excluded from the rom is the cutscenes from QoF 2000's ROM, which have been swapped with the cutscenes from Soul Falchion's ROM instead. Also at least three stages have not been changed graphically in the ROM, and are from Chaoji Gedou 2000 instead. For the city street stage it is roughly based on the version in CDG 2000's ROM, but it has changed graphically anyway. The music is mainly based on CDG 2000's music, with music from Soul Falchion in it.

Alternate titles Edit

Fighting Tournament

Warrior Kingdom 2002

Stage Battle 2000

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