Digimon adventure is a game for the gba by yong yong. While it does not reuse resources from pokemon mewtwo strikes back for the gbc. It does have graphics that were hand drawn instead of copy and pasted by the same company. Anyway while it is not related to the snes version. It does reuse graphics or artwork from pocket monsters 2 for the sega mega drive. Anyway the game is very buggy as it is just a hack of one of yong yong's gbc games with no optomizations or special features to accomodate the hardware or make the game run any faster. Unlike shui jing ban V by Waixing. Which does not contain any bugs or glithes. Also it contains optomizations or special features unlike yong yong's version. Anyway while waixing's version has at least 6 worlds. Yong yong's version actually contains only 4 worlds thanks to the fact that there is a lot of bugs in the programming that prevent you from seeing the rest of the level or exploring the last two worlds.

Alternate titles Edit

Shudai IX

Hong lou meng

Hong lan dui RX

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