F-1 Race (F1レース F1 Rēsu) is a racing video game released in 1984 for the Family Computer in Japan. A version was released in 1990 for the Game Boy in Japan and in 1991 in Europe and North America, which included the Four Player Adapter for four player gameplay.

Alternate TitlesEdit

  • Boat Race - Graphical hack. Not related to Road Fighter hack of the same name
  • Bicycle Race - Graphical, music and sound hack
  • Mega Race - Graphical hack + music in title screen is removed
  • Monaco Race - another version of Mega Race with different title screen
  • UFO Race - Graphical and music hack
  • Mario Kart - Graphical, title screen, sprite, and level design hack that adds Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, and Lightning Cup that can only be found on the Family Karaoto so far. It is unknown whether the music was changed or not.

F-1 Race cartridgesEdit

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