This is a list of games whose label show an ID of the format MGC-xxx which is an ID from the Micro Genius (TXC Company).

  • MGC-001 Chinese Chess
  • MGC-002 Zhong Guo Xiang Qi, 2 in 1 Lightgun
  • MGC-003 Creatom
  • MGC-004 Pipe Block
  • MGC-005 Bingo
  • MGC-006 F-15 City War
  • MGC-007 Puzzle
  • MGC-008 Mahjong Block
  • MGC-009 Horses Racing
  • MGC-010 Volleyball
  • MGC-011 Tennis
  • MGC-012 Poke Block
  • MGC-014 Strike Wolf
  • MGC-015 Policeman
  • MGC-016 Chinese Chess II
  • MGC-017 Thunder Warrior
  • MGC-023 6 in 1
  • MGC-024 3 in 1 Supergun
  • MGC-026 4 in 1
  • MGC-??? Super Contra X
  • MGC-??? Journey to the West

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