Pokemon Adventure is a pirate game by the likes of Yong Yong/Makon Soft. It is about pikachu explorating 6 worlds. However it is different from pokemon ruby/sapphire in that pikachu explores worlds with land terrain. Containing rings and enemies/obstacles. Instead of exploring 8 worlds collecting health icons. Like pokemon ruby/sapphire. In ruby you explore 6 worlds based on the 8 worlds from digimon 2. While sapphire has you exploring the scenery from super mario 3 special by the same company instead. While this game is not a clone of any other game by the same company. As it was really released around 2004. Meaning that yong yong built it from scratch unlike the two other games instead. However despite the gold version text. Since there is already a chinese rerelease of the title screen hack. It just means that the cartridges sold separately are the same thing as the rom dump. 

alternate titlesEdit

  • Hong xiang shudai iii
  • Hong lan dui ii
  • Hong lou meng

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