This is a gb game where you have all your classic creatures that both live in harmony and can also battle in grace by fighting other creatures. You can also go to stores to heal up your creatures, buy them snacks or just go play with them in a nursery home. You get money from battling other trainers that you can use in the stores. Also there is the elite four and several gym masters that will test you to see if you are being educated or not. Main icon of this game is charizard: a orange dragon who breathes fire at the other opponent and also has a arsenal of other battle moves at his hand besides flamethrower.

Pokemon red pearl edition (english)

口袋妖怪之梦幻电兽 (chinese)

Pokemon red pearl edition

A title screen hack.

Pokemon pink pearl edition (english)

口袋怪兽红玫瑰 (chinese)

Pokemon pink pearl edition

A title screen hack.

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