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Alternate TitlesEdit

  • New Contra Super 1998
  • Contra 7 - This was released as a waixing branded cartridge. This game is in chinese.
  • Contra 8 - This was released as a waixing branded cartridge. This game is in english.
  • Super Contra 8
  • Super Contra 8 (Sega Version) - The only known Contra game released on a Sega console was Contra: Hard Corps on the Sega Genesis. Also there is a official hack released under the same cartridge id and number too.
  • Super Fight I - This game was released as both a vt02 game and as a vt03 game. The vt02 game was published by waixing. A palette hack of waixing's vt02 version was published by coolboy. The vt03 game is actually a vt03 update of bensheng's demo of super fight 1 (vt02).
  • Xtreme Robot - This game is credited to macro winners. It is a sprite hack.
  • Contra 7: Legacy Of War
  • New contra - This was released both as a waixing branded cartiridge and on qi sheng long handhelds. The waixing version is in chinese while the qi sheng long version is in english.

New Contra cartridgesEdit

Super Contra 7 cartridgesEdit

Super Contra 8 cartridgesEdit

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