The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, known in Japan as Happy Birthday Bugs (ハッピーバースディ・バックス?) and in Europe as The Bugs Bunny Blowout, is the title of a Kemco video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is a sequel to The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle released in the previous year.

Alternate TitlesEdit

  • Adventure Island 5 - title screen and character hack which play with Master Higgins from Adventure Island Games
  • Daiku No Gen San Deluxe - title screen and character hack which replaced Bugs Bunny with Hammerin Harry.
  • Tiny Toon 4 - title screen hack also known as Tiny 4
  • Birthday Blowout
  • Disneyland

The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout cartridgesEdit

Tiny Toon 4 cartridgesEdit

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